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There are very few anime that I get extremely excited for and Attack on Titan was one of them. Waiting months for it to finish and watch all at once was a neck breaker, but it left me amazed and craving more.

THE STORY Of Attack On Titan IS: Centuries ago, giant humans called Titans appeared, seemingly, out of nowhere and like to eat humans for no reason. Mankind couldn’t defend against the Titans and had to fall back and build a giant wall to keep the Titans at bay so they can survive. Years later, all is well in the walled cities until one day when a Colossal Titan appeared out of nowhere and broke open the wall letting other Titans flow through the city to do what they do best.

Eren Jaeger hates the Titans and has a goal to kill every last one of them and to find out the secrets behind where the Titans came from. Thus our story begins…

Truth be told, very interesting story and very well layed out. The story flowed without feeling rushed. Every episode was like crack, you just had to watch the next one to see what happens. Although the story was kind of choppy in places because flashbacks seemed like they weren’t very well planned out and were kind of random. I didn’t mind this, but it was very random in the middle of an action scene to take a journey to the past and then return in the heat of battle. Overall the story was exceptionally well done and very interesting.

The only things I could complain about, other than the random flashback points, would have to be at some points they did kind of drag out some internal thoughts and decision making. Like when a character is thinking internally and we hear his/her thoughts on something, sometimes it was a little to drug out and you just wanted it to move on. Other than a few minor things here and there, it was a great concept told.

THE ANIMATION was a little strange for me on this one. Usually you don’t see anime animation with such thick black outlines on practically everything. It almost looked like the TV show Archer. I liked it because it was very smooth and could keep up with the fast pace of the show, but for some reason, the Archer look of the animation didn’t quite sit well with me.

THE SOUND was brilliant through and through. Voice acting was great and general sound effects were solid. A lot was going on and you can tell they took the time to nail it in this department.

ATTACK ON TITAN CHARACTERS were very well developed throughout. A lot of people in this anime die and it’s nice to see at least a little development from those who don’t have very much face time. This is an anime that you don’t love any one specific character. They all kind of work together and experience the same things, it’s more of the fact that everyone handles it differently and it makes for a great cast overall. Very impressed.

ATTACK ON TITAN OVERALL Attack on Titan did not disappoint. There were a few things that did, but none of them were a huge bother. The overall experience was both fascinating and intense. Many situations throughout, you didn’t know who was going to make it or not, which made for a great sense of suspense going into every battle. Definitely recommended.


Attack On Titan is a Manga in (English/Raw) language, Action series, english chapters have been translated and you can read them here. You are reading The Hero Returns chapters on, fastest updating manga site. This Summary is About.

In a world entirely ruled by giants, the human race, which has turned into their food, has surrounded its residential zones with immense walls, which both prevent their freedom outside the walls and protect them from incursions. However, as a result of the appearance of supergiants who cross the wall, a desperate struggle begins and the young heroes, who have lost their parents, fight the giant as a training corps, with a view to regaining their freedom.

Note: Won the Kodansha Manga Award in the shōnen category in 2011, was nominated for the 4th annual Manga Taishō award and also for the the 16th and 18th annual Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. Won the Noma Publishing Culture Award in 2021.

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